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CityNature is the largest online distributor in Russia

We know what to do to bring your brand to the sales top
9 years on the market
20 product categories
600+ brands in the marketplaces
1.2 bn company’s turnover

We handle more than 30 business processes related to the work of marketplaces

We create a personal account, form product cards, moderate
We bring your brand to the marketplaces
We set up advertising and show you how to spend your advertising budget effectively so that it is not wasted
We attract the target audience
Getting to the marketplace does not guarantee success. We will gradually increase the brand sales raising its marketplace position with the help of a set of correct actions
We accompany the brand until it reaches the top
We describe the advantages and characteristics based on the search queries and interests of buyers
We draw charts, carry out photo shoots of goods to give them a 'selling' look

We create product «golden cards»

Video streaming is one of the most effective advertising methods. We will invite a professional streaming presenter who will competently hold the audience and tell them about your product
We conduct streams for the product demonstration
We will prepare your product to meet the marketplaces requirements and calculate the logistics for you not to overpay for its storage in their warehouses
We will take care of logistics

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We will make your product popular

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