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Выведем ваш бренд в топ продаж на маркет-плейсах
CityNature is one of the largest technological partners of major marketplaces in Russia
We know exactly how to bring your product to the top rankings of the marketplaces
₽1,8 billion company turnover
10 years on the market
20 product categories
600+ brands on the marketplaces
We replace more than 30 business processes related to working with marketplaces
We integrate you brand with marketplaces
We register your company, list your product detail pages and successfully pass the moderation
We bring in your target audience
We personalize your marketing campaign, and show you how to adjust your advertising budget properly
We take care of your logistic needs
We prepare your product in accordance with the marketplace requirements. We carefully calculate the logistics so you will not have to overpay for product storage at the marketplace warehouses
We create live video streams on marketplaces with detailed product demonstrations
Live video streams are the most efficient advertising tools. We engage a professional video stream host-presenter who will capture and keep the audience attention on your product
We create "Golden Pages" for your product
Inside the product detail page we fill the advantages and the characteristics of the item based on buyer's search requests. We create infographics, slides, take compositional photos to give the product a "buy me now" look
We support your brand until it reaches the top
Being on a marketplace does not guarantee success. We increase your sales gradually by bring your product to the top rankings on the marketplace using a set of carefully chosen actions and tools
Our portfolio of brands
We will make your product popular
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